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My name is Diana Kuan. I'm a New York-based food writer and photographer who specializes in cross-cultural foods and the stories of immigration and migration behind them. I grew up mainly in Massachusetts, but also spent sizable chunks of childhood in Puerto Rico (where I went to kindergarten), Hong Kong, and mainland China.

Although I started my career cooking French food in New York and later writing about Chinese food in Beijing, my topics of focus these days are wide and varied. My first cookbook The Chinese Takeout Cookbook came out in 2012 and briefly enjoyed a stay on the WSJ best seller list (!!!) My second cookbook, Red Hot Kitchen, dives into the world of DIY Asian chili sauces and all the wonderful dishes to make with them. It’s coming out in February of 2019 and I’m beyond excited!

I have written extensively on food and travel for The Boston Globe, Food & Wine, Gourmet, US Airways, Time Out New York, Mediabistro, and the book Food Journeys of a Lifetime (National Geographic, 2009).  I also teach classes on cooking, food photography, and food writing around New York.

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